SubSubmit your PSA info below

Following are a few tips and guidelines for submitting Public Service Announcements (PSAs). We receive hundreds of PSA requests each week; we have a limited inventory of announcements, so we cannot guarantee that a PSA will run on the air. However, in order to give your message a better chance of getting on the air, we suggest that you keep the following guidelines in mind when considering sending us a PSAs.


1. PSAs may be submitted by email, mail or fax directly to each station. BEAR IN MIND THE TARGET AUDIENCE OF THE RADIO STATION,  and submit the PSAs only to the station(s) with the appropriate listeners you wish to reach.


2. The station’s public affairs staff writes all PSAs, so it is not necessary to script them out for us. Just send the information with all pertinent details. Make certain that you include a CONTACT PHONE NUMBER in case we have questions. Thanks.


3. PSAs are aired for and will mention ONLY non-profit groups.


4. If the event is sponsored by a business, no mention will be made in the PSA of anything  other than non-profit group. (For example, a March of Dimes “Bid For Bachelors” auction at the Hyatt Regency Hotel that is sponsored by Macy’s will be announced simply as a “Bid For Bachelors” event benefiting March of Dimes).


5. Information for PSAs that are promoting a specific event (i.e. a run, a dinner, etc.) should be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the event date.


6. The preferred method of sending PSAs is via email to or fill out and submit the form below.  THANK YOU FOR YOU COOPERATION. WE ARE PLEASE TO PROVIDE THIS PUBLIC SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY AND LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!