The Nearly Impossible Question

  • Over 80% of people DON'T clean this as regularly as they (probably) should. What?

Their PHONE (4/21/21)

  • About 1 in 6 Americans will call this person today? Who?

Themselves (because they lost their phone) (4/20/21)

  • The average parent spends about 160 hours each year doing THIS. What?

Driving the kids around (4/19/21)

  • About half of the population believes THIS is their most attractive
    feature. What?

Their hair (4/16/21)

  • The average woman will go shopping for THIS about 4 times a year. What?

A formal dress (4/15/21)

  • Americans spend about $78 billion every year on these. (Most of them get thrown away!) What?

Lottery Tickets (4/14/21)

  •  According to a study, 41 is the average age Americans start doing this on a regular basis. What?

Taking Vitamins (4/13/21)

  •  The average person says this five times a day. What?

Excuse me? (4/12/21)

  •  Almost 20% of Americans have one of these but regret buying it.  What?

A boat (4/9/21)

  •  Worldwide, people consume about 50 billion of THESE each year.  What?

Asprin (4/8/21)

  • A recent study shows that half the world's population has never done THIS. What?

Made a telephone call (4/7/21)

  • According to a recent survery, THIS is the most common item in the junk drawer. What?

Batteries  (4/6/21)

  • 75% of Americans say they always have this in their kitchen cupboard. What?

Chicken Noodle Soup  (4/5/21)

  • Doing THIS for one minute burns about 2 calories. What?

Kissing  (4/1/21)

  • The average American will do this about 1800 times in their life. What?

Order Takeout  (3/31/21)

  • 6% of people admit that they have skipped work to do THIS. What?

To look for another job  (3/30/21)

  • The average American eats about 6 pounds of this a year. What?

Popcorn  (3/29/21)

  • According to recent studies, this is the most common accident in the home. What?

Breaking a dish/glass (3/26/21)

  • According to studies, THIS is the lie that kids are most likely to tell. What?

"Dad/Mom said I could." (3/25/21)

  • The average American throws away 54 pounds of THIS each year. What?

Used clothing and shoes  (3/24/21)

  • This happens about 75 times a year in the average household. What?

Someone loses the TV remote  (3/23/21)

  • 60% of people say they’ve had an argument with their significant other over THIS in the past month. What?

Screen time. What to watch on TV. (3/22/21)

  • The average woman DOES THIS for nearly 13,000 hours during their lifetime. Men do it for 6,500. What?

Household chores  (3/19/21)

  • Almost half of all people in the dating world say they would end a relationship over THIS. What is it?

If they didn't like the other person's family (3/18/21)

  • According to a recent survery, this is the number one thing new married couples  put on their wedding registry. What is it?

A Robotic Vacuum (3/17/21)

  • According to research, the average person has at least one of THESE
    they haven't used in 9 months. What is it?

A Key (3/169/21)

  • 73% of us keep one of these in our house. What is it?

A Change Jar (3/15/21)

  • According to a recent survey, about 75% of people have a favorite one of THESE. What?

A Pen (3/12/21)

  • About 30% of us have lied to get out of going to THIS. What is it?

A Family Gathering or Reunion (3/11/21)


  • According to a recent study , 13 percent of people who get THIS are men. What is it?

Botox Treatments (3/09/21)

  • The average person does this chore about every 5 months. What is it?

Clean out the fridge (3/08/21)

  • The average person spent about $30 last year on this. What is it?

Face masks (3/04/21)

  • In a recent survey, Cooking was listed as the most popular hobby of 2020. What was 2nd on the list?

Watching streaming services (3/03/21)

  • About 20% of office workers say they keep one  of these in their desk. What is it?

A toothbrush (3/02/21)

  • About 35% of single ladies say THIS is the first thing they notice about a man on a date. What is it?

His fingernails (3/01/21)

  • On average, THIS takes about 2 minutes and 49 seconds. What is it? 

A trip through a fast food drive thru (2/26/21)

  • On average, THIS takes about 5 1/2 seconds. What is it? 

Yawn (2/25/21)

  • The average person does THIS about 4 times a week. What is it?

Wash their hair (2/24/21)


  • According to online dating services, What is the number one conversation killer on a date?

Politics (2-23-21)


  • Believe it or not, doing THIS elevates your heart rate as much as skydiving. What is it?

Going on a first date (2-22-21)


  • There are about 560,000 tons of THIS sold each year. What is it?

CHEWING GUM (2/11/21)


  • According to recent research, doing THIS for 60 minutes each week can make you over 50% happier. What is it?

Singing (2/10/21)

  • 56% of people have forgotten THIS. (3% of those had to call for help) What is it?

Where they parked the car (2-9-21)


  • People do THIS more on Mondays than any other day of the week. What is it?

Drink coffee (2-8-21)


  • Sales of THIS are up by almost 25 percent because of the Super Bowl. What is it?

Pizza! (2/5/21)


  • Roughly 47% of adults never change THIS. What is it?

Their hairstyle (2/4/21)


  • Eight out of ten times when THIS happens, it happens to a man, not a woman. What is it?

Traffic Ticket (2/3/21)


  • Almost 15% of car accidents are caused by THIS. What is it?

Arguing with someone else in the car (2/2/21)


  • We spend about 40 minutes a day thinking about THIS. What is it?

A: Food (2/1/21)



A: GAMING SYSTEM (1/29/21)


  • The average person dedicates about 250 hours a year to THIS. What is it?

A: A HOBBY (1/28/21)


The average American wil drive 2 miles out of their way for THIS. What is it?

A: A good cup of coffee (1/27/21)


  • A study says men who have THIS make more money. What is it?

Extra weight - men who weigh more, make more (1/26/21)


  • Some people are embarrassed by THIS, some are proud, but about 1 in 6 of us have done THIS. What is it?

Been on TV for something (1/25/21)


  • Studies say about half of us lose up to 90 minutes of sleep every night because of THIS. What is it?

Our pets (1/24/21)


  • Over half of all homeowners have had problems with THIS. What is it?

A: their neighbors. (1/21/21)


  • The average person only cleans THIS about every two years. What is it?

Their car's glove compartment (1/20/21)

  • About 12% of people say they actually hate THESE. What are they?

Girl Scout Cookies (1/19/21)


  • The average American home has over 100 of these. What?

Books (1/15/21)


  • Only About 35% of men admit they enjoy doing THIS. What is it?

Clothes shopping (1/14/21)


  • The average American will spend 5 minutes a day doing THIS. What is it?

Looking for their keys (1-13-21)


  • 2 in 10 women say they’d be offended if a guy did THIS during a date. What is it?

Is rude to the wait staff (1/12/21)