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Five Random Facts for Wednesday

1. Taco Bell originally started as a hot dog stand.

2. Will Smith's part in "Men in Black" was originally offered to David Schwimmer . . . but he turned it down.

3. There were more than 61 million people using pagers in 1994. That number is down to about two million today, mostly in hospitals.

4. The words "Nazi" and "nacho" both come from the same Latin word, "Ignatius." In Germany, "Ignatius" evolved into the name "Ignatz," which was shortened to Nazi and became a generic term for German peasants before it was taken over by the Nazi party.

In Mexico, "Ignatius" became the name "Ignacio" . . . and that was the first name of the chef who created nachos.

5. Movies and TV shows that feature time travel are banned in China. So don't bring your box set of "Quantum Leap" with you on your next vacation to Beijing.

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